Early Impressions: Forma.8 – Big Things, Small Packages


I’ll try and keep this short and sweet, as I really just want to set the scene, and save the details for a full review.

MixedBag have done an outstanding job of creating an atmosphere of lost and lonely, as you guide your tiny, vulnerable probe through strange, hostile, yet beautifully abstract  environments. The planet on which you are stranded feels suitably vast, as scenes over which you traverse depict painterly vistas of distant landforms, all strange angles and silhouettes. Everything feels big and daunting compared to your little probe.

And while you may feel vulnerable, you are not defenceless. You’ll pick up abilities along the way that both act as weapons, and means by which to solve puzzles. I won’t say more, because the discovery of how to use your abilities and what they can be used for is half the fun.

No tutorial, no hand-holding, just well executed game design that doesn’t assume you can’t work it out for yourself, although the clues are there if you need them.

You’ll require a controller to play on Apple TV, and the inputs have been mapped nicely, with the HUD readily accessible via L1, yet cleverly obscured otherwise, so as not to distract from the standout visuals.

You can watch the trailer below, but knowing less really is more with Forma.8, as discovering the secrets hidden within this vast world for yourself are the payoff.

I’ll be back in due time with a full review, but for now…enjoy.


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