Subdivision Infinity Update – You Can’t Do This With Cartridges


One of the beautiful things about gaming in 2017 is that games you’re really enjoying can actually get better. Minor or Major niggles that you experienced with a game, or that may have even caused you to hold off buying it after reading about them in a review, can be patched post-release.

Those who grew up with pixels being beamed through the air are wondering why I’m stating the bleeding obvious, whereas those like myself who cut their teeth on Atari cartridges may still appreciate this technical marvel.

Gee-whiz, what will they think of next Grand-Pappy?

We took a break from Forma.8 tonight to see what’s what. Have a read of our Subdivision Infinity review to get up to speed, and then step on through to page 2 via the button below to hear about the cool stuff that’s just been added.