Subdivision Infinity Update – You Can’t Do This With Cartridges


Mistfly Games has added a very welcome mission replay option for those done with the campaign. Some of the boss fights and story missions were particularly fun, and you can now select any specific one from the story arc that you’d like to jump back into. It’s a pretty basic feature which was noticeably absent from the the original release, so it’s nice to see it included.

Those who haven’t yet found all of the blueprints for the special ships that can only be crafted and not bought with credits are in for some welcome relief. For 5000 credits you can now purchase a consumable Radar Probe. These are mapped to the X button once equipped, and when triggered fire off towards the nearest blueprint in Exploration mode. Even if you get turned around and disoriented you’ll have a permanent marker on your radar as to the blueprint’s position until you pick it up. Supernova-X here I come.

Another welcome addition is the option to extend the Free Hunt missions from two minutes to five. Two minutes went by very quickly, but five gives you enough time to ease in and get your rhythm going.

While trying out the extended Free Hunt option, I was very happy to see an improvement to the radar that identified Elite ship enemies as an orange blip, instead of another identical red one to get lost in the swarm. This is a great quality of life improvement for players, but I’m not sure the Elite enemies will agree.

There are other minor fixes, such as the Swarm-X weapon getting an improvement, and altogether this update has added an extra sheen of polish to what was already an excellent and very playable space shooter.

The next time we chime in on Subdivision Infinity will no doubt be when the new star system Outpost Hano-16 is made playable. By then we’ll have our Supernova-X crafted, maximised, and ready for duty.

Check out the trailer: