Sky Gamblers: Infinite Jets – That’s A Lot Of Jets


Before you jump in and spend your iTunes credit, make sure you’re armed with an MFi controller, as Infinite Jets requires one to play on Apple TV – always a good sign that you’re getting something that’s on the Triple A end as far as Apple’s digital-only console goes.

Another tick in the right box is that this is a universal purchase, so picking up either the Apple TV, iPhone, or iPad version will get you access to all three for the one price.

The more than 100 collectible jets can be customised with paints, patterns, and decals, giving players some ownership over their rides, and helps give the “infinite” in Infinite Jets some meaning.

Atypical Games describes the single player campaign as based in “huge open world areas with carefully recreated cities like San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro.” The lush textures, lens flares, and rich blue skies look to do a nice job of conjuring the sun drenched feel we associate with these locales.

Multiplayer options round out the package with 7 on 7 battles to sort the best from the rest.

While the behind the plane camera view lets you ogle your painstakingly customised jet, I’m thinking the cockpit view teased in the trailer below blown up on a 60 inch screen will be the most immersive way to enjoy Infinite Jets. A nice way to get your Tom Cruise on.

It’s great to see Atypical Games pushing the platform and providing some high-end gaming experiences for Apple TV.

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