RPGolf – Does What It Says On The Box


If you can find your way past the scantily clad anime girl (a strange, disturbing staple of the genre), the trailer embedded below reveals an intriguing concept that looks like it might have been realised with some depth.

Apart from having a golf club to swing instead of a sword, and a golf buggy to traverse the world map, RPGolf looks every bit the long-lost, action-RPG of yesteryear.

It’s not an entirely original concept – Golf Story released in September on the Nintendo Switch, and looks like it explores very similar territory – but RPGolf is certainly the first of its kind on Apple TV.

Set in a fantasy world in which golf seems to have replaced religion (maybe a good thing?), players will set off on a journey to play the nine legendary holes in order to vanquish evil, and restore peace and harmony.

The eternal search for shiny new loot with improved stats is present in RPGolf by the way of discovering new clubs and gloves scattered throughout the world.

RPGolf, you have our attention. ATVG will see about squeezing in a few holes as soon as possible and report back with impressions.

Check out the trailer: