Modern Combat 5 Finally Sees Some Love From Gameloft


Our friends over at Siniscope Gaming might be encouraged by this news. SG first brought to our attention eight months ago the fact that Gameloft had stopped supporting Modern Combat 5 on Apple TV the previous year.

It was a pity, as Modern Combat 5 was flying a very lonely flag for first-person shooters on the Apple TV platform, and doing it very well. Before we get too morose, we should point out that the game is still playable today, it’s just that it hasn’t received any of the content updates that its iOS counterpart kept receiving. You can check out SG’s in-depth look at the situation right here.

This week gave us reason to be hopeful. Hopeful that maybe, just maybe, Gameloft is casting its eyes towards its Apple TV shooter once again. An update landed bringing bug fixes for Modern Combat 5 this week, and while there was no new content, it’s encouraging to see the content that is available become even more playable.

Coincidentally, this week also saw Gameloft’s free-to-play dungeon crawler – Dungeon Hunter 5 – get an update which brought a bunch of new content. The studio’s arcade racer Asphalt 8 receives regular content updates on the Apple TV platform, so it seems Gameloft hasn’t forsaken the platform, it more than likely just focuses on the games that are performing financially. It obviously makes sense from a business point of view, but it’s always a bitter pill to swallow for fans when a game they not only enjoy, but may have spent money on in the form of in-app-purchases, stops getting developer support.

Welcome to gaming in the digital age.

ATVG will keep you posted if we hear any more news on Modern Combat 5’s support, or lack thereof.

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