Free Bonus Mission Releases For Space Marshals 2: Ava Storyline


Simply update your game and the mission can be played from within the Ava Storyline option on the world map. Of course you have to have bought the DLC for that option to appear.

If you enjoyed Space Marshals 2’s original campaign (we did, you can check out our review right here), then the Ava Storyline DLC is an easy recommendation. For more details, have a read right here, but in short, the add-on is more of the excellent stealth/action gameplay with some interesting new twists and tweaks.

The bonus mission that dropped today involves some head-scratching time travel, which results in a rescue mission to free Blackburn. It’s short, but sweet. You can replay it for an improved run and better rewards, and no doubt there are hidden goodies to be found, as in the previous missions. I’ve blasted through it once already in order to crank out this quick post, but I look forward to jumping back in for another go.

Here’s the trailer for the Ava Storyline DLC:



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