Shinier Things – ATVG’s 2017 Pile Of Shame

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Pile of Shame – these three words that have wormed their way into the games industry’s vernacular, have become an apt and succinct way of voicing a very first-world problem. Ever since games started to have endings, players started to accumulate an ever-growing list of unfinished games.

We’ve all been there. Excitedly setting out on a brand new adventure, loving it, but soon being distracted by another shiny game, glinting in our peripheral vision and causing us to wander from our path.

We thought what better way to start the new year than with one last look back at 2017, at ATVG’s list of much-enjoyed, but horribly under-played games. We’ve mentioned them before, even written some glowing early impressions about some of them, but time is finite and there is always something new to grab our attention.

So Happy New Year to readers both regular and new. You can check out ATVG’s Best Apple TV Games Of 2017 to get back up to speed, and hit the page 2 button below for a look at a few games we wish we would’ve played more of, and definitely-probably-hopefully will in the future.

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