Shinier Things – ATVG’s 2017 Pile Of Shame

Steven Universe: Attack The Light

The Steven Universe IP has always been an ideal candidate for a translation to the world of gaming, and Attack The Light’s knowing grasp of the industry’s tropes, in particular that of RPGs and party-mechanics, hit a bull’s-eye.

Many games will look to pander to these tropes while forgetting to include a decent gaming experience to go along with the nods and winks, but Attack The Light manages both.

The turn-based party combat presents characters with differing strengths and abilities that players can learn to combine in various ways to forge a path to victory. Even though ATVG only fought through a few early levels, it was evident right from the start that Attack The Light was presenting a solid gaming opportunity for RPG enthusiasts, whether they’re fans of the Steven Universe IP or not.

When time allows, I’m looking forward to settling in with this adventure and seeing it through to the end. Promise.

Funnily, the first few seconds of the trailer above encapsulates the intro of this article perfectly.

Rayman Adventures

Way back in 2016, when looking for games to write about on the Apple TV platform, Rayman Adventures provided a great starting point, and I even included it in the Best Apple TV Games of Year One.

While it’s hampered by a multitude of unnecessarily complex free-to-play currencies, the actual gameplay itself, and the beautifully depicted universe of Ubisoft’s mascot – Rayman – are more than enough to make this an easily recommended title for your Apple TV.

Thankfully, Ubisoft have continued to support Rayman Adventures on Apple TV with a steady stream of new content via free updates, so the game players will download now, has an awful lot of content to adventure through.

The 2D platform mechanics of Rayman Adventures are tightly executed, with a wide variety of obstacles, enemies, and abilities.

Hopefully, 2018 will not be the third year in which ATVG fails to bite off a big, solid chunk of what Rayman Adventures has to offer.

Sky Force Reloaded

The Sky Force series from Infinite Dreams is easily the pinnacle of vertically-scrolling shooters on the Apple TV platform.

The studio has brought the series from mobile to tvOS, with a completely redesigned menu interface that 100% respects the fact that Apple TV is a console with a controller.

As far as gameplay goes, even on the fourth-generation Apple TV, Sky Force Reloaded is silky-smooth, with bright eye-candy pew-pew action quickly filling the screen.

While Sky Force Reloaded is free-to-play, it’s not disrespectful in its use of collectible currencies. By simply playing and enjoying the game, plenty of stars can be collected with which to upgrade your ship’s defensive and offensive capabilities, and the progression of doing so is half the fun.

More and more, Sky Force Reloaded has become one of my main go-to games on Apple TV for when I’m feeling like a quick arcade blast, and I don’t see that stopping any time soon in 2018.

Super Phantom Cat 2

Veewo Games made the switch to free-to-play for this sequel, so if you’re after an excellent 2D platform experience for your Apple TV for free, this Pile of Shame has you covered two-fold, with Super Phantom Cat 2 and Rayman Adventures.

With its bright spill of cartoon colours, and soft, rounded corners, Super Phantom Cat 2 feels very much like a lost Nintendo classic. Veewo obviously feels so as well, given that your avatar will pull out a Nintendo Switch for a quick gaming session if left alone for long enough. It’s a great little nod that helps draw players into its universe.

And what a lovely universe it is to spend time in.

Not only are the levels themselves varied, with a multitude of secrets to be plumbed, but there’s also a large roster of characters to be unlocked, each with their own abilities and play-styles. There are even special challenge levels and quests specific to certain characters.

There’s a weird base-building mechanic that feels jammed in to make the most of the free-to-play currencies, but despite that, Super Phantom Cat 2 should be on the top of your list for a quick download as soon as you’ve unwrapped your Apple TV and compatible controller.

I will finish this one in 2018. Maybe even write a full review.


Check out our early impressions following Super Phantom Cat 2’s release right here.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at ATVG’s 2017 Pile of Shame. Being already one week into 2018, we’ll now start looking at the present and future of Apple TV gaming once again, exploring some new releases and upcoming games, as well as continuing to chart the evolution of this relatively new gaming platform as it develops. 

Welcome Back.





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