Bring You Home Looks Like Framed Minus The Noir


“We try to make the most of animation in our projects,” say the Terris brothers (Marc and Xavi) on Alike’s official site. This core value is evident in the team’s previous games, having handled animation duties for Tiny Thief, before developing and releasing Love You To Bits as Alike Studio.

The studio’s latest release saddles players with overseeing the story of Polo, an alien on a mission to rescue his kidnapped pet. I say overseeing, because players won’t actually control Polo himself, but instead fulfil a more God-like role by controlling the environment, interacting with each level’s puzzles to ensure Polo’s safe passage.

Inventive, unexpected, silly, and adorable are the four key descriptors Alike Studio uses to outline Bring You Home on its App Store page, and a viewing of the trailer proves them apt descriptors indeed.

This sort of mechanic worked very well in the Framed series, with Apple TV’s Siri Remote proving itself an ideal input method for this relatively new genre when taken to the big screen. And with the level of care and detail clearly having been poured into Bring You Home, a big screen will no doubt amplify that love.

Writing for ATVG over the last 12 months, I’ve found myself enjoying all sorts of obscure genres on the big screen via Apple TV that I wasn’t expecting. Previously I would have relegated this sort of puzzle title to being a casual, small screen time-filler on my iPhone or iPad, but games such as Lara Croft Go, Red’s Kingdom, Swim Out, the Framed series, and Burly Men At Sea have shown me how engrossing these sorts of adventures can be when portrayed as a console experience. Bring You Home looks like it might have similar mood lighting/recliner/flatscreen potential.

Check out the trailer below to see the panel sliding puzzle mechanic in action:


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