Alto’s Odyssey – Are Auto-Runners And Consoles A Good Mix?


We were also musing not long ago about some of the more casual genres we’ve been writing about and enjoying on Apple TV; genres that we weren’t expecting to have so much fun with on the big screen, such as puzzle games and point-and-click permutations.

These conjure a more cerebral and ambient experience, one that sits well alongside a softly-lit lounge room, recliner (preferably electric), a good stereo system, and a brandy balloon.

Auto-runners however, lack that extra level of interactivity expected from a full console experience, so with that in mind, what is the element that might help auto-runners succeed the jump to the big screen? The answer might be a unique aesthetic experience.

Aesthetics are really the heart and soul of Alto’s Odyssey – the sequel to Alto’s Adventure. While no doubt aimed squarely at the mobile crowd, the fact that Team Alto (comprised of studio Snowman and artist/developer Harry Nesbitt) decided to make it universal across iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV indicates the team believes the big screen is worth stretching for.

Studio Snowman featured heavily in our look at this handful of upcoming Apple TV games we’re excited about, with two entries in the list, both of which offer the promise of an alluring visual experience.

The snow-themed environments of Alto’s Adventure are traded for desert sands in the sequel, with the light of burnished sunsets and cool moon-glow illuminating Alto’s latest travelogue.

Given that it will be a universal purchase, with your progress following you from iPhone, to iPad, to Apple TV and back again, we’d say the best way to look at the Alto series is a captivating mobile title that carries with it the added bonus of being playable on your Apple TV console should you also happen to own one.

As a counterpoint, Ski Safari 2 is very similar mechanically to the Alto games, yet its graphics while fun and very well suited to small mobile screens, don’t translate well to the big screen, coming across very blocky.

Alto’s Odyssey, providing a more Zen-like experience with its combination of visuals, music, and simple gameplay, might just be worth a crack on the big screen come its release February 22nd.