Spoiler Alert: Here Is An Entire Play-Through Of VAST – The Star On No Map


Okay so this is going to make me sound old, but I’m really not a fan of gameplay videos. Trailers? Sure. But entire play-throughs of levels and games are just not my bag. I’m of the antiquated opinion that games were meant to be played, not watched.

But Grandpappy, how are we supposed to know if a game is any good if we don’t watch someone play through the whole thing first? 

Well kid, back in the day, games writers used to write with passion, not these technical manuals they crank out now and call reviews, so we’d actually read their work.

Also, we weren’t quite so cynical back then; we’d happily buy into the right amount of hype, and weren’t afraid of taking the occasional chance. Getting burnt every now and then helped us appreciate the highs.

But Grandpappy…

Shut up and go wash the car kid! Can’t you see I’m trying to write a piece for ATVG here?!

F@&k you Grandpappy!

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