Evoland 2’s Trailer Is Like A Trip Through A Gaming Wormhole


It seems weirdly appropriate to be writing about the release of Evoland 2 the day after writing about the release of Chrono Trigger for Apple TV. The time travel references are making a nice theme with which to gel the week together, and of course that early RPG era is well-catered for within Evoland 2’s DNA.

“A short story of adventure video games evolution,” was the catch-phrase for the original Evoland, presenting players with a nostalgic trip through the history of the RPG genre. The sequel seems to want to expand on that premise by tackling not just RPGs, but gaming as a whole. Evoland 2’s catch-phrase sums up this evolved, all-encompassing vision well: “a slight case of space time continuum disorder.”

The trailer below makes for fun trainspotting, with RPGs spanning from blocky pixel art through to polygons, 2D fighting references, action-platforming, bullet hell shoot-em-ups, and even gem matching. Something for everyone.

The danger in these sorts of nostalgic mashups is remembering that all the nods and winks in the world won’t save it, if there isn’t a solid backbone to give those nods and winks value. Hopefully Shiro Games have baked in a quality game beneath all the fandom.

Shiro Games promises more than 20 hours of play within its time-travelling adventure, beginning with the classic trope of waking up to discover that not all is right with the world. Needless to say, adventure ensues.

So. Chrono Trigger yesterday, Evoland 2 today, what’s tomorrow?

Here’s Evoland 2’s fantastic trailer: