Upcoming Hyperforma Is Exactly How Hollywood Depicts Hacking


Hollywood likes to dumb things down, and tends to favour this approach when visualising hacking, as opposed to the more real-world approach the Mr. Robot series prefers, with lines of code and social trickery.

While the hacking-as-video-game version preferred by Hollywood may not equate to real-life, it does make for a much more interesting action-oriented video game.

Enter Hyperforma.

Fedor Danilov, Denis Dorohov, and Dmitry Konarev make up studio Nord Unit, and have already won a bunch of developer awards during the making of Hyperforma, which the team describes as “hardcore cyberpunk arcade.”

Set in a cyberpunk universe, Hyperforma looks like a brick-breaking arcade shooter. There is a twist that involves not only being able to navigate your craft, but also having the ability to rotate the entire structure that you’re trying to break down. While rotating the structure players will need to be wary of the position of certain nodes on the side that you don’t want to slip into.

Instead of embedding the usual teaser trailer down below, we’ve instead attached a five minute gameplay video Nord Unit has made public that does a much better job of breaking down the gameplay than words ever could.

Hyperforma looks like it has the potential to be a fun arcade shooter, and its currently available for pre-order on the App Store, which by the way is a universal purchase, meaning your pre-order will net you the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV versions. Hopefully there is cross-save functionality as well.

Right then, enough words, roll the video:

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