Of Game Informer’s Top 300 Games Of All Time, 7 Are On Apple TV


249 – PAC-MAN Championship Edition


PAC-MAN’s 21st century reinvention wasn’t just a fresh coat of paint. While adding stacks of new modes and a gorgeous neon facelift, Championship Edition still managed to retain the essential mechanics and spirit that caused players to fall in love nearly 40 years ago.

The version available on Apple TV is actually the DX (Deluxe) edition, with even more tweaks and polish, and is also a universal purchase across iPhone, iPad, and ATV.



217 – Sonic The Hedgehog


Sonic The Hedgehog on Apple TV looks and plays exactly as it always has. The fact that this 27 year old classic is still so playable today, is a testament to its impeccable design.

Sonic The Hedgehog is one of those rare games that can be called truly timeless.

(universal purchase across iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV)

177 – Guitar Hero


The original Guitar Hero brought air-guitar out of the bedroom and into the lounge room, and the version available on Apple TV – Guitar Hero Live – takes it to the stage.

Putting players right into the thick of a live concert as part of a band, with the aim of impressing a crowd, the Apple TV version is playable with the guitar controller peripheral, so you can get that authentic Guitar Hero vibe by breaking your treasured ornaments in the lounge room.

(universal purchase across iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV)


107 – Inside


Playdead’s follow-up to dark 2D platform puzzler Limbo took the eerie atmosphere of the studio’s debut, and somehow managed to pile on even more menace and weirdness.

Being big fans of Limbo, ATVG jumped straight in when Inside released on Apple TV last year, and you can read our impressions right here.

Inside has a nice try-before-you-buy model, allowing players a free demo of the game’s first section, with a one-time purchase unlocking the rest.

(universal purchase across iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV)


061 – Sonic The Hedgehog 2


Knuckles joined Sonic in the franchise’s second outing, and as with the original, the gameplay is still as solid and timeless as ever.

Incidentally, while we’re talking all things Sonic, Sonic CD didn’t make Game Informer’s list of 300, but it’s also available on Apple TV, and you should definitely add all three of these Sonic games to your ATV library.

(universal purchase across iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV)


016 – Chrono Trigger


Chrono Trigger from Square Enix only just hit Apple TV in February this year, and we wrote about its release right here.

Many argue that Chrono Trigger is the greatest JRPG of all time, and some simply rate it as the greatest game of all time. However you rate it, 16 out of 300 is both a solid effort, and a number that will ruffle some feathers.

(universal purchase across iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV)


012 – Minecraft


To say that Minecraft is a modern classic is something of an understatement. It’s easy to argue that no other game released in the 21st century has caused such an impact on gaming as a whole.

Minecraft on Apple TV has continued to get regular content updates since its release, and we included it in our Best Apple TV Games Of Year One.


Well that’s a pretty solid list of classic gaming right there for your Apple TV, and if you can’t find something to float your boat, then you are way too hard to impress.

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