Review: Evoland 2 – It’s Evolution, Baby


There is a world of difference between simply borrowing from classic games and genres, and paying homage, and everything that Evoland 2 does, falls confidently into the latter category.

While developer Shiro Games  has built an entire game around the idea of paying homage to predecessors, it has still somehow managed to forge an experience out of that melting pot that identifies as its own.

It’s an impressive high-wire act that deserves high praise.

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Runventure – Just Add A Controller


The name of Digital Melody Games’ latest release is misleading. Runventure gives the impression of an auto-runner in the style of Jetpack Joyride, while in reality, it’s quite a capable little 2D platform game that enables full control of your avatar, with the ability to stop, go left, right, and jump.

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Developer Profile: Vector Unit – A Decade In Games


Australia is a long way from everywhere, and you sure as hell can’t get to any other country by bus. It was with regret then that ATVG had to decline an invitation to Vector Unit’s 10 Year Anniversary Party at this year’s GDC in San Fransisco, even though it would’ve been a great opportunity to put our patented salutation into practice – safe planes and good whisky.

Vector Unit is one of the few studios with multiple games available for the Apple TV platform, and we thought a 10 year anniversary is a perfect time to have a closer look at the team, and its contribution to this relatively new digital-only console’s catalogue.

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Pixelbite Confirms Space Marshals 3…Just Not Yet


Regular readers will know we rate Space Marshals 2 pretty highly ’round these parts. In any of our curated lists that seem appropriate for a twin-stick shooter offering equal opportunity for both action and stealth, Pixelbite’s sci-fi title will make an appearance.

So when we received an overnight email from the Swedish studio confirming the Space Marshals series was destined to become a trilogy, our Friday went up a notch.

Thing is though, we may be in for a bit of a wait. Space Marshals 3 will not be Pixelbite’s next game.

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Early Impressions: Evoland 2


Three hours into a game that promises around 20 hours of gameplay seems a good time to stop and take stock.

Things may change – especially in a game that at its core, is all about the evolution of gaming itself – but at this stage, our impressions are very good. It feels that it would take a massive pivot in quality – things would have to go very pear-shaped – to entirely sour our impressions by the time we post a full review.

So let’s jump in for a quick snapshot of what we’ve seen so far.

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How To Get The Real Racing 3 Livery For Your 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS


Quick public service announcement for Real Racing 3 players:

Studio Firemonkeys just gave away a free 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS to celebrate Real Racing 3’s fifth birthday, and you can read all about it right here.

Along with the free car, players also get access to a free Real Racing 3-themed livery to make your Camaro look like the one in the picture above. Without the livery it comes as a standard red, which is actually a nice look, but the RR3-themed livery is what you’ll want to wear for a night on the town.

But how do you access it? Unfortunately, Firemonkeys haven’t made it all that clear.

From the home menu, head up the top and select your garage, bringing up your shiny new red Camaro. From there, head down to the bottom of your screen and hit Customise, select the Paint menu on the left, then select the Official option (the leftmost tab). Finally, select the grey tile on the far right of all the Official Paint options.

Wait a second, and then watch as your shiny red Camaro transforms into a Real Racing 3-themed beast. Be sure to pan around a little with the camera over the roof, bonnet, and rear to see all the nice touches that have gone into the livery’s design.

Done. Enjoy.

Real Racing 3 Turns 5 – Grab Your Free 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS


With over 400 million downloads, more than 200 cars, and nearly 1.5 million followers on Facebook, it’s hard to consider Real Racing 3 to be anything but a success story, especially when you throw in the fact that it’s now five years old.

Five years old. Let’s think about that for a second.

Five is a lot of years in gaming. In 2013 we had no idea what a Nintendo Switch was, and the PS4 and Xbox One were both unveiled and released (as was the Ouya, remember that?). Five years is almost an entire console generation.

Even after five years, the studio behind Real Racing 3 – Firemonkeys – continues to churn out new events and add new cars, constantly finding new auto-related ways of soaking up hours of our time.

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