Update Roundup: A Look At Two Weeks Of Free Stuff


Trials Frontier

Studio Redlynx did a great job of distilling the Trials formula from the major consoles down to a mobile variation, with its hybrid racing/physics/platform gameplay. Taking it from mobile back to the big screen of Apple TV makes you realise just how well this version of the Trials franchise fits into the catalogue.

Frontier has a lot to offer, and we included it in one of our very early housekeeping lists: Three Apple TV Games You Need To Play That Require A Controller.

Celebrating Trials Frontier’s fourth anniversary, this update adds a new track – the Community Track – named for having been chosen by the Trials Frontier fanbase.


Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade

There are a handful of games on the Apple TV platform that utilise the Siri Remote to create an experience with more depth than just a casual gaming experience. We devoted an article to these games, and we’re probably due for another roundup as there have been a bunch more released since: Three Apple TV Games You Need To Play If You Only Have A Siri Remote.

Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade fits neatly into this style of experience, bringing a solid on-rails shooter to the platform, and you can check out our initial impressions from the game’s Apple TV release.

This Freeblade update is dubbed Spolis of War, and doesn’t add anything to the gameplay, but adds free supply drops to aid your campaign, and a new Supplies Screen for daily rewards and special items.


Subdivision Infinity

While the rest of us were eating hot-cross buns and chocolate on Easter weekend, Mistfly Games snuck out a huge content update for Subdivision Infinity.

We reviewed Mistfly’s 3D space shooter soon after release, summing up by saying, “Mistfly Games have crafted in Subdivision Infinity a 3D space combat adventure with a satisfying variety of missions, visceral arcade space action, and high production values that add up to an easy recommendation for your Apple TV.”

The Easter update adds a whole new star system – the Daar Colony – with 13 new campaign missions. There’s also a new ship you can unlock once you’ve collected all the blueprints called Avalon V, and new weapons available in the shop.

This Daar Colony expansion came as a surprise, as since Subdivision Infinity’s release there has been a “coming soon” entry on the star systems map, with a new area called Outpost Hano-16 being teased. So the Daar Colony seems like a bonus addition to tide us over until the Hano-16 expansion.

We’re not complaining.


Asphalt 8: Airborne

Content just keeps on coming for Asphalt 8’s over-the-top arcade racer, which we included in our Best Apple TV Games of Year One roundup.

Asphalt 8’s Spring Update (or Autumn in ATVG-land) brings five new rides to unlock and add to your garage, and you can get a sneak peak at them in the teaser trailer embedded below.

Asphalt 9 has actually already been soft-launched in some countries, so with that in mind, it’s great to still see Gameloft supporting Asphalt 8 with new content. There’s no indication at this stage unfortunately that Asphalt 9 will be coming to Apple TV, but we’ll keep you posted if we hear otherwise.

1. Key Art

Shadowgun Legends

We were as surprised as everyone else when Shadowgun Legends hit the Apple TV platform last weekend, and ATVG has been going pretty hard at it during the week. Don’t wait for a review, just go ahead and download it, and enjoy. It’s basically Destiny-lite for your Apple TV.

A big update hit at the end of this week bringing a huge amount of bug-fixes, quality of life tweaks, balances, and some minor changes that while they don’t change the gameplay in any huge way, are welcome additions.

You can check out the full patch notes right here.

Developer Madfinger have promised years of support for Shadowgun Legends, which will hopefully also translate to the Apple TV platform.

ATVG has crept its way up to rank 11 during the week, and as we mentioned yesterday, we now have our own guild you’re welcome to come and check out.

We’ll continue bringing more stories from the Shadowgun universe as our adventure unfolds, and as the game itself continues to grow.



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