Shadowgun Legends: How To Get Past The Reactor Room In Voltaic Fist


4, 2, 3, 1. That’s really all you need to know.

I won’t prattle on about how to get to the main reactor room. You’ll run around a bunch, backtrack some, get confused, turn around, and figure it out eventually. Just flip all the switches. One of the doors is stuck halfway up and requires red barrels on the other side to be shot in order to open it (a mechanic used in various SL campaign missions), and at one point you’ll need to shoot switches in the ceiling to take down one of those see-through barriers.

Other than making you feel like a rat in a maze, getting to the main reactor room is the easy part.

Once you’re there, that’s when players tend to drop out.

Step One is kill all the enemies.

You’ve then got four consoles in the four corners of the room, and three players. You need one player each to man the 4, 2, and 3 console.

After the player on 4 hits the console switch, the player on console 2 needs to hit theirs as soon as possible. That will allow the player on console 3 to activate theirs. They should also do so as soon as possible.

There is a delay of a few seconds after hitting console 3 until console 1 is able to be activated, which gives plenty of time for either the player on console 4 or 2 to stroll over casually to console 1 and get ready. Last night I was manning console 2 and after hitting it I wandered over to console 1 and had plenty of seconds to kill before it needed to be hit.

As soon as console 1 is able to be switched, switch it.

The first three locks on the monitors above the consoles should now be getting towards green, and console 1’s gauge will start filling as well.

They’ll all fill and turn green, the huge vault doors will open, and a bridge will descend. Enter the vault and start punishing Regis.

But how do you beat Regis?

Good question. To be honest for the first few minutes I was unloading scores of auto-rifle ammo into the big cuddly guy, and nothing. It was soon after this that player number three gave up, probably deciding solitaire was more their bag.

But TOMO3151 and I, we kept plugging away.

Waves of enemies will spawn, and killing them gives you a chance to replenish you’re ammo. You’ll need it, because Regis has thick skin. That health bar of his goes down slow, and not at all unless you hit the bright weak spot on his back.

So TOMO and I (bless you TOMO) figured this out and arranged ourselves on opposite sides of Regis, taking turns to distract him while the other unloaded rounds into his, well, let’s call it his arse. It’s really the small of his back, but that’s not as much fun.

Occasionally Regis will do a big EMP blast of some sort, filling the floor with blue energy that will kill you instantly unless you’re in one of the safe rooms off to the side. The safe room is the one in which the floor stays a brown colour (how appropriate), and changes with each blast.

Other than that, kill the waves of enemies, look out for the safe room, revive your teammates when they die, and all will be well.

I have to say, The Voltaic Fist was a hell of a lot of fun, and very satisfying to beat once done, but it will be a huge improvement when players are able to communicate in-game.

So what did TOMO and I do after we vanquished Regis?

We did what any good Shadowgun would do on the successful completion of a mission.

We danced.

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