Two New Raids Coming To Shadowgun Legends In May Update

1. Key Art

You’ll find the full hour-long stream embedded below, with the first half being focused on Shadowgun Legends, and the second half on Unkilled, which isn’t available on Apple TV.

Firstly, when is the update coming? Around mid-May is the word from Madfinger. So about 10 days away, give or take. Not long.

The studio promises a tonne of miscellaneous stuff like bug fixes, weapon balancing, faster match-making, new cosmetics to buy from the store, the addition of Turkish to the selection of languages, and new gear to collect as loot. But what are the big-ticket items coming in mid-May? What juicy slabs of new content will there be to wrap your trigger finger around?

The biggest reveal was that two entirely new co-op raids are on the way. Madfinger was pretty cagey about giving away any real concrete details, other than mentioning that one of the raids would be easier, and the other would be “super interesting.” The studio did reveal that one of the new raids would involve players spawning in different parts of the map, being forced to fight on their own for a time until the fire team came together.

A new PvP map is also coming in the mid-May update, with no further details given, although there was mention of newer, smaller 1v1 duel maps on the way, in order to assuage complaints that the existing duel maps were too big, with players struggling to find each other on them. So maybe the new map coming in May will be a 1v1 duel map.

Another exciting piece of news coming out of the stream is that after the update, the repeated “grind” missions will now be playable as co-op with players from your list of friends. Madfinger did mention that it was also considering bringing this feature at a later date to the main campaign missions and side-missions, but that the mid-May update would definitely add co-op to the grinds. Excellent.

Speaking of co-op, as we mentioned in the review, at the moment there is no easy way for players to communicate in-game, making activities such as the raids particularly difficult. Well voice chat is coming in mid-May to fix all that. I don’t believe this will do the Apple TV crowd much good, as I don’t think there’s any mic options for the platform, but mobile and tablet players will rejoice at this news. It’s a much welcome addition, especially with two new raids on the way that at first no one is going to know how to beat.

Another welcome piece of the puzzle will be a progress panel, so players can track their Shadowgun’s journey from rank 1 through to Legend. There were no screens shown of this or any further details, but this sounds like a fun way to increase player-investment in their characters. You’ll also be able to see the progress panels of those on your friends list.

Lastly, Madfinger also mentioned a big focus on improving squads, but didn’t go any further into this either, so it’s anyone’s guess as to what aspect of squads is being improved. The UI? Functionality? Wait and see I guess.

I’m excited to see how Shadowgun Legends evolves over time, with both smaller quality-of-life enhancements, and big-ticket additions like new raids. SL is a quality sci-fi FPS MMO regardless of the platform, but given that here at ATVG we’re all about Apple’s digital-only console, and the fact that there’s very little else like it on the device, mid-May can’t come soon enough.

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