Apple Arcade’s Speed Demons – New Events, Vehicles, Landscape Mode & More


The next best thing to new Apple Arcade games? Free updates to existing Apple Arcade games that add more content.

Especially when those games are as good as Speed Demons.



What’s with all the portrait mode-only games for iPad on Apple Arcade? Speed Demons, Card of Darkness and Grindstone to name a few. Various Daylife at least makes sense, given that its going for the idea of two screens, one on top and one on bottom like a Nintendo DS.

Speed Demons has been a standout Apple Arcade title as far as ATVG is concerned, and has become a go-to pick-up-and-play option for me whenever I’m feeling like a quick arcade hit, both on iPad and Apple TV. It’s a fast, furious, smooth-as-butter neon fix, and is just plain hard to put down.

My only complaint on iPad is the lack of a landscape mode, which is weird because on Apple TV it’s played by racing from left to right, which makes sense given the orientation of your TV screen, so it’s a mystery why this wasn’t included to begin with on iPad, on which players race from bottom to top. It always feels a little clunky and top-heavy playing games on iPad in portrait mode.

Thankfully this excellent arcade racing title is about to get a little closer to perfect with the upcoming update Radian Games announced today – version 1.1.1.

As soon as Apple Arcade flooded our Apple TVs and mobile devices (and now Macs) with games to play, I’ve been looking forward to the slew of content updates that were bound to start hitting at some point, even though ATVG has barely scratched the surface of many of the games currently available. But hey… more of everything please!

In version 1.1.1, Speed Demons will get “6 new vehicles, 2 new courses, 30+ new events, iPad landscape mode, new Daily Quests system, and more,” Radian Games announced today on social media.

That’s a lot of love.

After a little more testing and localisation, version 1.1.1 will be submitted to the Apple gods for approval.

Hopefully this will inspire more Apple Arcade developers to shoehorn in a landscape mode.

Three cheers for content updates! Happy days.

You know what else ATVG loves? Seasonal content updates. How nice would it be to get some Halloween-themed updates? Maybe some vampire dodos in Dodo Peak, or a pumpkin vehicle in ShockRods?

One can only dream.

It would be hard giving Bleak Sword a Halloween update, that game is already 100% pure high-grade Halloween.

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