Towaga: Among Shadows – Content Update Incoming


Hot on the heels of Radian Games announcing a huge incoming update for its excellent Apple Arcade racer Speed Demons, which you can read all about right here, Sunnyside Games also announced today that there is more on the way for Towaga: Among Shadows.

With currently 80 games to choose from on Apple Arcade, and more on the way (you can check out another 24 upcoming games right here), it will take ATVG some time to experience them all.

Tonight I’ve jumped in and had a look at Towaga: Among Shadows for the first time, and was once again made aware of the high bar of quality that Apple Arcade games are setting on our Apple TVs (and of course iPads, iPhones, and now Macs).

If, unlike me, you’re deep into the weeds of Towaga’s content, and are hoping for more, today’s announcement will definitely put a smile on your dial.



Towaga: Among Shadows is essentially a shoot-em-up, and in the couple of levels ATVG has blasted through this evening, I’ve seen two main varieties. The first puts players in a fixed central position with enemies attacking from all sides, firing a light beam to fry the attackers before they can deplete your health. The second is a free-roaming flight mode, which acts like a twin-stick shooter, as players evade incoming enemies through the hellish skies of Towaga’s universe, once again aiming the light beam weapon for offence.

There’s a bunch of game modes to unlock by progressing through the story mode and collecting currency, such as Survival and Flight mode (which sounds like an option to play only within the free-roaming mode), spells to unlock such as Wind Gush and a Blizzard attack which freezes your foes, and outfits with varying attributes.

Collected currency can also be poured into upgrading attributes, such as more health or greater damage.

The animated visual style is drop-dead gorgeous to look at, and the full orchestral soundtrack adds a layer of drama and tension that’s highly suitable to the action onscreen.

It feels as though I’m repeating myself for every Apple Arcade game I try, but after this small taste, I’m very keen to go back for more, and I can see Towaga competing with Speed Demons for my quick-fix arcade time.

Regarding the incoming update, Sunnyside Games today announced on social media that Towaga will “receive several updates during the upcoming months,” going on to say that the first is expected to hit soon.

Sunnyside Games described the first update as including a “new spell upgrading system, the ability to use spells while flying, new outfits with active impacts on gameplay and more!”

The spells players unlock through gameplay currently are only usable in the fixed central position mode, which I found out through uselessly mashing the L2 button of my DualShock 4 while in a flight level, wondering why nothing was happening, so this update will be a welcome addition.

Okay, gotta go. I need to go back through the portal and fry some more demons. They definitely deserve it.

Apple Arcade is nuts.

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