When’s Beach Buggy Racing 2 Coming To Apple TV?


Earlier today ATVG posted a short piece about upcoming Space Marshals 3, and we have similar news regarding Vector Unit’s Beach Buggy Racing 2.

And a somewhat more specific window in which it is planning to be released. A season even.

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Here’s Another Track From Upcoming Beach Buggy Racing 2

BBR2 Logo

When Vector Unit revealed earlier this week what it’s currently working on – Beach Buggy Racing 2 – it unveiled gameplay video of not one, but two of the sequel’s upcoming tracks. The first – Riptide Gulch – we embedded at the bottom of that previous story.

Today we’re sharing the second, a medieval-themed track titled Castle Drago.

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Beach Buggy Racing 2 Announced, Coming To Apple TV

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Good news for Apple TV gamers out of the 2018 Game Developers Conference overnight.

We recently posted a profile on studio Vector Unit, a small team that’s recently clocked up a decade in game development. At GDC, which is currently in full swing in San Fransisco, Vector Unit revealed its first game to be released in decade number two – Beach Buggy Racing 2.

After reaching out to the team today to get confirmation that the sequel will be hitting Apple TV as well as mobile platforms, the emphatic reply we received, word for word, was two words long.

It simply read, “You bet!”

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