Here’s Another Track From Upcoming Beach Buggy Racing 2


In the 90-second video below, you’ll witness a couple of laps around the new locale, along with a few of the weapons being deployed as well.

There’s no obvious sign of the weapon upgrading system we revealed in yesterday’s story, but you will see the new addition of being able to pick up and hold two powerups at once. The first couple grabbed in the video are offensive weapons, and one seems to replace the other, and then a shield is picked up, which takes up the second power slot. So maybe there’s an offensive and defensive slot for pickups, which would make an interesting twist on the original BBR (and most other kart racers) in which you can only hold one powerup at a time.

The graphics don’t show a remarkable upgrade from the original in the series, but the main focus Vector Unit are putting on the sequel is the addition of online multiplayer, seeming to want to create an ongoing game-as-a-service, with ever-changing events and challenges.

We’ll continue sharing news as it comes to hand, but for now, check out Castle Drago:

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