For Steel Series Nimbus, White is the New Black

HKFY2_AV2The Nimbus is best described as the Unofficial Official Apple TV controller. It’s the one always paired with ATV in advertisements, and is usually boxed alongside it in physical stores. And so it should be, it’s a great controller.

The physical design borrows from both Xbox’s and PlayStation’s official offerings, with its shape more in line with Xbox’s, and its thumb stick configuration similar to PlayStation’s. Its weight is ever so slightly heavier than PlayStation’s DualShock 4. Trust me, I weighed them.

As far as battery life the Nimbus boasts phenomenal longevity. On the offical Steel Series website, 40+ hours are advertised, and I can attest to this being true. I would love for my DualShock 4 to offer anywhere near that sort of life. In all fairness, the Nimbus doesn’t have to power BlueTooth headphones though.

Your Apple TV menus in general can be navigated with the Nimbus, although the Siri Remote is my preferred option when it comes to consuming TV and film content. For gaming though, the Nimbus is an easily recommended weapon of choice. The benefit of being able to navigate the Apple TV interface with your Nimbus, is that if you are swapping between games, you won’t have to switch from the Nimbus to the Siri Remote to do so.

The accompanying app is also nicely put together, and offers a list of iOS games with MFi controller compatibility, although it would be nice to see this list updated a little more frequently. It would also be great to see the list categorised to show a seperate list for ATV games only. The app also enables firmware updates which can be transferred to your Nimbus via BlueTooth connection to an iOS device.

One of each colour is obviously ideal for local multiplayer, making it very quick and easy to identify who is who after a much needed pizza and beer break.

I like it, and I want one.