Review: Riptide GP: Renegade – Physics Has Never Been So Much Fun


Momentum. Inertia. Gravity. The study of the movement of liquids. If Newton and Einstein had jet-skis, they probably would have come to the same conclusions, but they would have had a hell of a lot more fun doing it.

It must have been tough for developer Vector Unit to bring all of the above physics elements together successfully in a video game – but with Riptide GP: Renegade – the studio has pulled off an impressive stunt indeed.

Vector Unit has implemented some of the best liquid modelling you’ll experience not just on Apple TV, but on any console. Sure, it might look better on PS4 and Xbox One, but the physics and the feeling of the water’s movement and its effect on your watercraft in Riptide on ATV remains first-class.

Wrap that core element within a fun arcade racer, and the result is an easy recommendation for your Apple TV.

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Review: Space Marshals 2 – If The Hat Fits, Wear It


I’ve been sitting here for way too long trying to think of the perfect, hat-related subtitle for this review, because it’s the little details that are important. The bow around the gift, if you will. It’s a philosophy that studio Pixelbite seems to have taken with the development of Space Marshals 2, as it has a lot of those little details, the sorts of things that make a good game great.

Take hats for example. The hidden, collectible hats in Pixelbite’s shooter don’t add +1 attack, or +3 dexterity or anything of the sort, they’re purely cosmetic. But damn me if I didn’t have a small, quiet celebration every time I discovered a new one. And I bet you I smiled every single time.

Mission accomplished Pixelbite.

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Gameloft No Longer Supporting Modern Combat 5 on Apple TV


Siniscope Gaming is reporting the unfortunate news that mobile gaming giant Gameloft, has not updated the tvOS version of its FPS – Modern Combat 5 – since April 2016. The iOS version however, has continued to receive a steady trickle of updates with new content throughout the last 12 months, even as recently as February 22nd.

The FPS genre is under-represented on the Apple TV platform, and Modern Combat 5 was easily the best option. And of course it still is, as the game is still completely playable with all the content prior to April 2016, but just hasn’t received anything since then.

From the developer’s side of things, it is understandable that if a platform is not performing as expected, or if a game is not performing on a platform, then it makes little sense to throw resources at it.

Did Gameloft give up too soon though? Throughout 2016, and into 2017, Apple TV has seen some great releases, including a surprising number of titles that have had turns as PlayStation Plus monthly offerings. Then there is the not insignificant release of Mojang’s Minecraft just in time for Christmas 2016. There are definitely a good number of talented studios rolling the dice with Apple TV, and for the sake of sites such as Siniscope Gaming and ATVG – and of course ATV gamers the world over – we hope this trend in quality releases continues.

Perhaps if ATV gaming does start trending upwards in popularity, Gameloft may decide to take up support of its shooter once again. ATVG has reached out to Gameloft for comment, and will update this article if more news comes to hand.

In the meantime, for a list of great games to play, check out ATVG’s Best Games list from year one,  and if you own an MFi controller, be sure to check out this list right here, because only you can play them.


Three Apple TV Games You Need to Play that Require a Controller


When Apple’s digital-only console hit shelves in 2015, the hope of seeing the above screenshot from Halfbrick’s Dan The Man was a pipe dream. At launch, the tech giant’s rules stipulated that every game released needed to be playable with the Siri Remote. For those hoping for a credible addition to the gaming landscape, this was seen by many as a handicap.

To get a complex, traditional gaming experience such as a first-person-shooter onto ATV’s App Store, developers needed to get pretty creative when mapping a control scheme to the Siri Remote. Have you ever tried playing Gameloft’s Modern Combat 5 with it? It’s like trying to rub your head and pat your tummy while reciting the alphabet backwards.

Two thumb sticks, shoulder buttons and triggers, a diamond-shaped configuration of four face-buttons, and possibly a d-pad – the now traditional gamepad layout has become second nature to gamers. Even when hopping between consoles, from Xbox to PlayStation, and now also the Nintendo Switch, the muscle memory goes with you like a physical language we learned to speak with our hands a couple of decades ago. Play Modern Combat 5 with a proper controller and it’s actually a pretty decent FPS.

Thankfully, Apple slowly seems to be getting it, and at WWDC 2016 the rules were relaxed to allow games to require a controller, and gamers finally started to see screenshots like the one above when loading up a game with only the Siri Remote connected.

I recently posted a piece outlining three excellent gaming experiences to enjoy just with your Siri Remote, but where would Yin be without Yang? So here is its companion piece: excellent games that won’t let you play them without a traditional game controller.

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gods-of-rome-controller-supportScreenshot from Gameloft’s Gods Of Rome

Review: Smash Club: Streets of Shmeenis – KO!


Mooff Games have done a great job over the years of building a recognisable brand across its games, with a bankable list of ingredients being baked into each, regardless of the genre. Saturday-morning-cartoon aesthetic? Check. Geek-culture references? Check. Or more specifically – Star Wars references? Check. Recognisable classic gaming genre? Check. Benevolent free-to-play model? Check. And always, without fail, the element of joy seems to be a top priority. Silly, childish joy. From having played many of the studio’s titles – Blackmoor, Super Boys, Maximus, Toon Shooters 2 –  it’s easy to get the impression that making games at Mooff Games is just as much fun as it is work.

Mooff’s latest offering – Smash Club: Streets of Shmeenis – is no exception to the above formula. Although when I write formula, it’s easy to read that as meaning predictable. But Mooff’s titles also always come with surprises – little twists on old ideas that’ll keep you guessing, interested, and smiling.

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Early Impressions: Space Marshals 2 – Go Ahead, Make My Day


With Space Marshals 2, Pixelbite has doubled its tally of twin-stick shooters available on Apple TV. The developer jumped on the new platform all the way back in late 2015, porting iOS shooter Xenowerk over to Apple’s digital-only console. The Space Marshals series then snuck onto the platform last week, making for a very welcome surprise going into the weekend.

Having jumped in and completed the first three missions of Pixelbite’s Sci-Fi Western, now seems like a good time to leave some very early impressions.

Be warned though, this story contains Space Pirates, and collectible hats.

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Opinion: Smash Anarchy – Did Someone Change the Meaning of FPS?

Take a look at the video embedded above before you read on.

Okay, all done? What did you see? If you saw what I saw, you will have seen a target shooting game with lots of character, vibrant colours, and fruit, with a tag at the end announcing that Smash Anarchy is coming to the App Store. Looks like it could be a bit of fun, and hopefully even a success for the studio behind it – Creative Logics. As we know, fruit has already proven itself quite the success story on the App Store.

What didn’t you see? You didn’t see any movement through corridors or open landscapes in the first-person perspective, taking cover, quick-scoping, or bunny-hopping. Just good, old-fashioned target shooting; a first-person Space Invaders if you will.

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