Review: Smash Club: Streets of Shmeenis – KO!


Mooff Games have done a great job over the years of building a recognisable brand across its games, with a bankable list of ingredients being baked into each, regardless of the genre. Saturday-morning-cartoon aesthetic? Check. Geek-culture references? Check. Or more specifically – Star Wars references? Check. Recognisable classic gaming genre? Check. Benevolent free-to-play model? Check. And always, without fail, the element of joy seems to be a top priority. Silly, childish joy. From having played many of the studio’s titles – Blackmoor, Super Boys, Maximus, Toon Shooters 2 –  it’s easy to get the impression that making games at Mooff Games is just as much fun as it is work.

Mooff’s latest offering – Smash Club: Streets of Shmeenis – is no exception to the above formula. Although when I write formula, it’s easy to read that as meaning predictable. But Mooff’s titles also always come with surprises – little twists on old ideas that’ll keep you guessing, interested, and smiling.

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