New Release: Peregrin – Size Doesn’t Matter


Releasing on Steam in August 2017 to a raft of positive reviews from media and gamers alike, Peregrin looks like a very nice start to the year.

Developed by Digital Domino Limited, and published by prolific Green Man Gaming, this puzzle adventure sets itself up as strong on story, with stylised artwork setting it apart from the huge indie crowd it clamours with for attention.

Players take control of Abi, who in turn takes control of a variety of beasts and creatures in order to work her way through five chapters and over 60 scenes.

The placing of a tiny avatar in a large, detailed world, is always a nice trick to help players feel instantly daunted, and yet supremely powerful when that same tiny avatar prevails over enemies many times her size. Peregrin looks to employ this technique, while also weaving its main gameplay mechanic – that of creature possession – into the fabric of its puzzles.

Story also promises to be a main strength of Peregrin, as the trailer below very much suggests. Its always nice to have storied motivation to support time spent puzzle-solving, as it adds a richness to the experience, rather than simply ending up wondering where all your time just went. There’s a perilous voyage, a lost civilisation, and an ancient prophecy. Something for everyone.

Peregrin on Apple TV offers full controller support as well which is always a plus.

Check out the story trailer below:


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