New Screenshots From Oceanhorn 2: Knights Of The Lost Realm Revealed

“The only platform officially confirmed at this point is iOS. It will be a day one release platform,” came the word from Antti Viljamaa of Cornfox & Bros. earlier today. “Having said that, I’m personally quite convinced that we will enventually cover the same platforms as we did with Oceanhorn 1, tvOS (Apple TV) of course being one of the main platforms.”

Sounds pretty safe then that we’ll be seeing Oceanhorn 2 on ATV.

So back to those screenshots then. The city of Capital looks like a nice place to spend some time, right? There it is in the shot pasted above, with a nice Persian flavour going on.

According to the official Oceanhorn 2 site, “All the roads lead to Capital.” Definitely seems like an important piece of the puzzle.

Another important piece of the puzzle is Grand Core. Check it out:


Apparently, Grand Core is a city-sized machine found within the city of Capital. If Grand Core is a city-sized machine, and it’s found within the city of Capital, then Capital itself must be one big place. I look forward to finding out.


On Oceanhorn 2’s blog, the above screenshot carries the caption: “Capital’s seedier backside.”

Scaffolding and cranes to me indicate construction work, which in itself is not necessarily seedy, and actually tends to indicate a city’s growth, so this part of the city must hide other denizens or goings-on that are less than ideal. Unless of course this is depicting some sort of shipyard or port, which as we know are where all the low-lifes live. Yeah I’m looking at you, all the ports of the world, you know who you are. Clean up your act.

Screenshots are all fine and good, but seeing actual gameplay is what you want, right? Then I highly recommend you step right up here and be treated to 15 minutes of actual Oceanhorn 2 gameplay. And it looks fantastic.

For a sneak peak at some more upcoming Apple TV games, check out our first roundup, some of which have still to be released. Once you’re done, here’s this second bunch.

The original Oceanhorn made it into our Best Apple TV Games of Year One list, and as I’m sure you can tell, we’re definitely psyched about Oceanhorn 2.

Stay tuned for more news as it comes to hand.



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