Classic JRPG Chrono Trigger Hits Apple TV


Square Enix today released a huge free update to the iOS version of its classic RPG, with the most important aspect of that update, as far as ATVG is concerned, being the addition of Apple TV compatibility. Chrono Trigger is now a universal purchase across iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, with iCloud saving implemented across all three devices.

With an RPG such as this, iCloud saving is a huge bonus, given that with all the hours you’ll spend in-game, you may at times feel like adventuring on the big screen in your lounge room, and at other times kicking back in bed on mobile or tablet. The iCloud ecosystem of course means you’ll pick up your progress no matter what level of laziness you feel like giving in to.

Another big tick in Chrono Trigger’s box is controller compatibility, meaning players can go for the complete console experience via Apple TV, without fiddly touch controls. Nice.

Storywise, Chrono Trigger is hailed as a sci-fi, time-travelling masterpiece, and beating the game unlocks a New Game Plus mode, adding replay value with different endings to be discovered.

Shaun Musgrave of mobile gaming site Toucharcade wrote a fantastic in-depth analysis and history of Chrono Trigger back in 2014, and those wanting to take a deep dive into the game’s background will find it an excellent read.

The Apple TV platform doesn’t have a lot of RPGs, but the few that are available are shaping up to be a pretty worthwhile handful. In October 2017 we saw inXile Entertainment bring The Bard’s Tale to Apple’s big screen, which was another great day for Apple TV RPG enthusiasts.

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