New Oceanhorn 2 Gameplay Trailer Unveiled At GDC 2018

Built using Unreal Engine 4, the new trailer embedded below was shot on an iPhone 7 Plus, so these visuals should be what we can expect to see on Apple TV as well.

The environment this section of gameplay is set in, is the Great Jungle of Pirta, and we see Oceanhorn 2’s heroes fighting the Dark Army. One of the big differences in the sequel, apart from the more modern third-person perspective, is that players will now be adventuring in a party instead of alone. We’re not sure how much control you’ll have over your party members, or if they’ll be completely AI, but all the characters look nicely modelled with differing weapons, such as robot Gen’s samurai sword Eki.

Another interesting element to watch out for is seeing the game’s grappling hook in action. Rather than being able to use it wherever you please, the video indicates that there’ll be set points to grapple onto, such as the pre-installed ring in the cave’s ceiling. If that’s the case it’s slightly disappointing, as grappling hooks in games are really only fun if they open up the environment to complete freedom, as opposed to restricting it. At the least, I guess it still adds verticality to the exploration, if not complete free-roaming.

Keep in mind also that this new gameplay video is still showing a work in progress, so we’ll no doubt see some more improvements as we near its release. From what’s been revealed so far throughout development, Oceanhorn 2 is shaping up to be a rich experience that’s begging to played on a console with a controller, so hopefully the studio’s aim is true when it says Apple TV is on its target list.

Cornfox & Bros. actually has a playable demo available for those lucky enough to be present at GDC, but for now, the rest of us will have to make do with the trailer below.

So with that said, roll the video:

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