Shadowgun Legends Fills A Destiny-Shaped Hole In Apple TV Gaming


Thanks to Siniscope Gaming for the heads-up on this story. 

Shadowgun Legends is not coy about its influences. If you were to trade its Shadowguns for Guardians, Torment for the Darkness, Wargames for The Crucible, Pedro for Xur, and add in the ability to crouch and jump, you would be playing Destiny.

Madfinger Games released its very Bungie-flavoured sci-fi shooter to mobile devices a couple of weeks ago, taking its spiritual predecessor and adding an extra layer of rockstar swagger, which is what sets it apart. Where Destiny is all about the melodrama and the noble fight of the Guardians, Shadowgun Legends is instead aiming for fame, glory, and fortune. It’s a nice twist to help differentiate it. A little.

In a very welcome weekend surprise, Madfinger has just added in Apple TV compatibility, so of course we did our duty and jumped in overnight to see if it’s any good.

And…is it? Well, it’s very early days, and ATVG has barely scratched the surface in what seems to be a very large package, but so far we’d have to say very cautiously…yeah.

Hell yeah.

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