Welcome Back. So…Um…Check Out These “New” Games

Suzy Cube

Inspired by Super Mario 3D Land, Suzy Cube is Northern Bytes Games’ answer to the question, “What makes a platformer great?” 

A labour of love by solo developer Louis-Nicolas Dozois, Suzy Cube’s rounded corners and playful colour-palette scream Nintendo, and publisher Noodlecake Studios promises the same care has gone into the level design, controls, and camera. 

Boasting more than 40 stages with full controller support, Suzy Cube looks like a fun, nostalgic time machine back to the ‘90s when 3D platforming was still a novelty. Hopefully the gameplay stacks up to its aspirations.


The Sparkle 3: Genesis

Forever Entertainment S.A. have offered up a meditative gameplay experience here; a hypnotic chill that seems more suited to the lovers than the fighters. 

Players guide an evolving organism through the ocean, picking up different types of genetic material to apply varying attributes. 

Through the right kind of eyes, The Sparkle 3: Genesis might be just the ticket for a hard day’s night. 


Manticore: Galaxy On Fire

Deep Silver Fishlabs’ mobile 3D space shooting series – Galaxy On Fire – is up to its third instalment with Manticore. Up until recently, the only taste Apple TV gamers have had of the franchise has been in the way of Manticore Rising, which is a prelude to the main third release – Manticore. 

The mobile version of this third title was named Galaxy On Fire 3 – Manticore, while the Nintendo Switch version released earlier this year was Manticore: Galaxy On Fire, a title this ATV release shares. So it would seem that ATV gamers might have the same version available as the Switch. Interesting. 

Arriving on Apple TV back on May 23rd, Manticore comes at a premium price – $22.99 in the Australian App Store – and boasts a campaign of more than eight hours. 



Saboteur 2: Avenging Angel

There’s something heartwarming about the fact that in 2018, there’s still a market for games that first found life on the early PC gaming platforms of the 1980s. Systems such as the ZX Spectrum, the Amstrad range (I had a 1512), and of course the Commodore 64, are now looked back on as cornerstones of the PC gaming industry. 

Originally developed by Clive Townsend and Durell Software, Saboteur 2 has been catapulted 30 years into the present with the help of publisher Realtech VR. Long-time readers of ATVG might recall Realtech VR as the studio behind excellent twin-stick shooter Quantum Revenge. 

While this very retro ninja action-adventure may only appeal to a very select crowd, I wouldn’t mind betting that some of that crowd overlaps as Apple TV gamers. It’s an interesting slice of history now available on an intriguing modern platform.


Nimian Legends: BrightRidge

Originally releasing in 2014 as a free-to-play experience on iOS and playable in browsers, Nimian Legends re-released a couple of years later as a paid app, ramping up the visuals by making use of Apple’s Metal technology. 

Robert Kabwe, developing as Protopop, has poured years of his life into Nimian Legends: BrightRidge, and Apple TV gamers can now take Kabwe’s creation to the big screen. Players will require a controller, and an Apple TV 4K is recommended to get the most out of the title. 

The main focus of Nimian Legends seems to be relaxed exploration, a style that’s gained quite a bit of traction over the last half a dozen years, with some dubbing the genre walk-em-ups. It could be argued that walk-em-ups are an evolution of point-and-clicks, providing a relaxed gateway into rich, detailed environments, with narrative experiences that gently guide instead of push. 

Kabwe is currently working on a sequel to BrightRidge, as well an expansion. 

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