Shadowgun Legends: ATVG Now Has A Guild

6. Party Harder in the War Bar

One week after the launch of Shadowgun Legends on Apple TV, ATVG has finally hit rank 10, and it’s at this point that players gain the ability to start their own guilds. It costs 10,000 in-game credits, so don’t say I never do anything for you.

During the week it’s not always been easy to find matches in SL, especially for the co-op modes such as 4v4 and the Voltaic Fist dungeon. Voltaic Fist is the equivalent of a raid in Destiny, in which a fire-team needs to work together to battle its way through. I thought if readers of the site want to join the guild it might make for an easily accessible pool of players from which to draw from, in order to form a fire-team and take down Regis.

There is a second dungeon which opens up at rank 15 – Blade Dancer – and also co-op arenas facing waves of bad news. Players can also just simply match up for 1v1 rounds to hone their skills.

The full name of ATVG’s guild in-game is Theappletvgamingblog, and the tag is simply ATV. The Guild Leader, my good self, is CaptainUg. Please be gentle.

Who knows? Maybe with a few players the guild can pool its fame and make a dent on the leaderboards, and show the auto-firing iOS crowd what’s what.

Over on the official Shadowgun Legends site you’ll find forums in which to chat all things SL, and I’ll do my best to jump on when I can (as Theappletvgamingblog). I’m not sure how all of this will go, and how much time I’ll actually have to devote to being a Guild Leader, but we’ll see how it all pans out, and at the very least maybe you guys will be able to put together a few fire-teams.

Right then.

Play nice.