Mooff Games Off-Shoot Four Fats Aims to Make Games That Aren’t Sh*t


Mooff Games was quietly posting about the upcoming ‘appocalypse’ which is rumoured to strike when Apple stops supporting 32-bit apps, potentially with the next numbered iOS update – iOS 11. While lamenting the fact that the studio won’t be updating the original Toon Shooters or Maximus – meaning those games will slip quietly into the night – the post went on to say that many of the characters from Maximus would find their way into Dungeons of Darkmoor (Blackmoor 2) by way of  consolation.

Boiled down to its essential elements, iOS game Blackmoor is a 2D action-platformer with RPG elements, and I fell in love with it two years ago, including it in a list I put together for Grab It Magazine.

Watching the original Blackmoor trailer below you could be mistaken for thinking it’s just another retro, tick-the-box list of things to drag in to exploit geek-culture. But Blackmoor is so much more. Sure, the references are there, but they ring true. While the humour is tongue-in-cheek and self-referential, playing the game it feels like that humour comes from a place of genuine love for the reference’s sources, rather than any mean spirited cooler-than-thou hipster distancing.

As far as the actual gameplay goes, there is surprising depth to be found as combos are unlocked, timing is learned in order to best utilise those combos, and abilities are upgraded.

We know almost nothing about the sequel apart from its title and the above screenshot. After reaching out to Mooff Games yesterday for more information, the reply didn’t come with a guarantee that it was coming to Apple TV. The reasoning was that Dungeons of Darkmoor was being packed with a dungeon builder/level editor, for which a control scheme may not be able to be figured out for the Siri Remote or a gamepad. One option Mooff Games mentioned to us was the possibility of blocking the dungeon building mode from Apple TV, which would be disappointing, but a concession we would probably learn to live with if only to have a Blackmoor sequel come to Apple TV.

Maybe another option would be to join the growing list of games on Apple TV that require a controller, allowing the implementation of a control scheme that doesn’t have to be shoehorned onto the Siri Remote, now that Apple has dropped that restriction. That of course comes at the risk of far fewer adopters, so we understand that these things need to be weighed up and considered.

Whatever happens, we live in hope that Mooff Games – under the guise of Four Fats – will find a way.

We also live in hope that makers of consumer products the world over take up Four Fats’s motto – make things that aren’t shit.

And ATVG’s new motto – safe planes and good whiskey.