I Had a Nintendo Switch Moment on Apple TV

With all those glorious carrots dangling in front of me, I remembered the game had iCloud support, but I hadn’t yet tried it. No time like the present. Powering down my Steel Series Nimbus and putting the Apple TV to sleep, I grabbed my iPhone 5S (yeah it’s been a while since I’ve upgraded) off its charging dock, and headed for my Shooters folder. On loading up TS2, I found my progress to level 5 and all my coins had followed me seamlessly from Apple TV, up to iCloud, and down again into the guts of my trusty iPhone. Incidentally, later that week (yesterday as I write this) was 10 years to the day that Steve Jobs introduced iPhone to the world. Happy Birthday iPhone.

I wanted to continue through the actual levels on the big screen, so I took the opportunity to replay some early levels to happily grind for some coins to boost my stats, and unlock Ben, who can shoot forwards and backwards at the same time. Pro-tip – level 2 is a good one to replay for coins, it’s easy enough to get through, and you’re rewarded with a good amount of loot.

A couple of hours later, mission accomplished, Dimitrov was celebrating his first ATP title in 2 years, and I was firing up the Apple TV once again to take Ben for his first outing on the big screen, and to discover what lurked at level 6.

Afterwards I found myself thinking, this all seems somehow familiar. This seamless, transferrable process is what Nintendo is going for with the upcoming Switch, based on the first trailer released not long ago. Obviously Nintendo’s device will be powering big triple A games, but the dream is the same. Now that Apple’s diminutive digital-only console exists, and with a bunch of cool titles, there is no better time for developers to implement iCloud well into their universal games. When it’s experienced first hand, taking your game from the big screen, to your pocket and back again, with all your progress intact, it really does remind you that you’re gaming 17 years into the 21st century.